Trade Licence

The initial set-up of your company starts by registering your trade name . Once the name is approved ,you move to the next step of  Commercial Registration or CR which is a common term used .Once the CR is completed you register for Municipality  Trade licence, followed by  Immigration  formalities in getting the Computer Card done. This card is signing authority card, which gives you the authority to sign all company related documents.

  • Below we shall describe the full formalities of setting up your Company
  • Registering  your Trade Name:
    Registering your desired company name depends on the availability of names. You  can choose Arabic  or English names whichever you prefer. English name will be charged QR 1000/- once the formality of trade name is completed we can move to the next step.
  • Articles of Incorporation/Association :
    The Articles will mention the shareholders of your company , their percentage of shares and  ownership rights. There is a standard Articles of incorporation document which can be filled and submitted to the Ministry of Justice
  • Commercial Registration :
    The next step will be to submit your trade name approval and the articles of incorporation to the CR section to get the Commercial Registration done. There are a list of approved business activities you can operate in Qatar. You can include your desired activity you wish to start in Qatar. There is a fees for each activity depends on the nature of business you wish to do.The minimum fees starts from QR 1000/- yearly onwards.

  • Municipality Trade Licence/ Baladiya :
    Once we get the Commercial Registration or CR ,we move to the next step of getting the Baladiya /Trade licence . To complete the licence procedures we have to rent an office space / Show room/Shops etc depending on the activity of your business.
  • A rental contract is required along with the location of your premises ,a photograph of your building/office address along with the signboard of your company to be submitted to the Ministry for approval.