Visit VISA

At Starbiz provide different types of Visa Services and Visit Visas to Qatar including Tourist Visa (30 days) and Business Visa (90 days). Once the required documents are emailed to us and payment is complete, we immediately apply for the visa. It usually takes around 2-5 days to process the visa.

Required Documents: Applicant Passport copy, Guarantor ID Copy.

Processing time: 2 to 5 days

Important Details:

  • Additional documents may be requested upon requirement.
  • NOC is not available for any kind of Visit Visa
  • Do not book the flight tickets before confirmation of visa
  • No refund after issue of Visa
  • Any mistakes in visa needs to be checked and informed 7 days before travel
  • All visas are issued for 1 month and renewed on a monthly basis
  • For renewal of visa every month, the visitor has send an email to Us one week prior to the end date.
  • Exit Permit is required to exit Qatar which has a validity of 7 days once applied. For issuing the exit permit, the visitor has to send an email to