Company Formation

Are you planning to start a Business in Qatar? Our consultants at Starbiz will guide you through each and every step of the company registration process and assist you to set up your dream business in Qatar. Let it be a Large or Small scale business venture, our team of professionals at Starbiz will help you through all requirements and formalities of Business setup in Qatar. We assure you total assistance in getting approval from various government departments and government  authorities by following the specific requirements depends on the type of company, you would like to start in Qatar.

Types of companies in Qatar:

Company formation/Registration with different types of companies which are allowed to operate in Qatar are as follows:

  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Share Partnership Company
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Holding Company
  • Branch office
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Representative Trade Offices
  • Real Estate Company

Below details will help in starting a business in Qatar:

General Partnership Company

 General partnership Companies will be the best choice where two or more individuals enter into a mutually agreeable term of business for conducting commercial activities, this type of companies are most common in Qatar.

L.L.C Company Formation

L.L.C is a type of company with Limited Liability that involves the participation of entities entirely belonging to Qatar. It is a form of a joint venture in which the parties taking part need to be Qatar nationals and must hold a stake volume of 51% of the total shareholding. Besides the real estate and commercial agencies, this variety of companies has the authority to operate in any sector of the economy. Once W.L.L is formed, it can trade freely in the State of Qatar.

Limited Share Partnership Company

Limited Share Partnership Companies are the second most commonly found companies in Qatar. For starting a business in Qatar, following the norms of limited share partnership, an enterprise must have four trustee shareholding partners along with one or more joint partners. A minimum share capital of QR.1,000,000 would be required to form a limited share partnership company in Qatar.

Holding Company

The minimum amount of money required for starting a business in Qatar, forming a holding company in Qatar, is QR. 10 million. However, this type of company holds the very special authority of dictating and controlling the management and finance-related issues of another company whose 51% or more shares belong to the shareholding or LLC Company.

Public Shareholding Company

Public Shareholding companies are those with either open public shareholdings or closed public shareholdings. Starting a business in Qatar can be hassle-free with Starbiz as we can assist you in each and every step in the formation of your dream business.

Joint Venture Company

A joint venture company allows participation of two or more people willing to carry out a project. According to the Qatar law, a joint venture firm exists, void of a legal personality as an unincorporated entity.

Branch office in Qatar

Branch office can be opened if the company has specific contract entitling the enterprise the facilities to perform public service. No company can operate beyond the limits of the business contract. If the business contract authorises a company to establish a branch office, the enterprise can do so and otherwise not.

The foreign companies under this category do not have to pay but the taxes for the branch offices unless exempted.

Commercial Agency

Opening a commercial agency can be another frequently opted option. In this type of company formation, the enterprise needs to act as an exclusive agent or seller providing goods and services, produced in foreign lands, in Qatar.

Representative Trade Office in Qatar

A foreign firm can open a representational office without a local partner, obtain the Commercial Registration and employ staff in its own name under this registration. It operates as a ‘shop window’ to promote a foreign company in Qatar and introduce its products to Qatar companies.

Real Estate Company In Qatar

If you are wondering about how to start a business in Qatar in the real estate, an exclusive license from the Ministry Of Economy and Commerce in Qatar will be required. In the activities of the company, real estate brokerage should appear.